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Ultimate XT® - The ultimate price-quality ratio

As an importer of A-type brands we have to guard our reputation. Our customers know what to expect from us: the best quality for a fair price. In our turn, we know what our customers need: the right choice in tyre for any purpose. Apart from the renowned A-type brands not a single brand of tyres was able to stand up to these two demands. Until the launch of Ultimate XT®.

Ultimate XT® by Global Rubber Industries has passed our selection criteria and, as of January 2011, we are the exclusive importer of this surprising (then) newcomer in our corner of the market. Of course, the brand has by now proven its worth to our customers. A smart choice business- and budget wise.

The range of Ultimate XT® offers a complete solution on a premium level. By means of a unique production process this brand is able to offer you excellent quality at an attractive price. The remarkable quality is guaranteed and, through continuous R&D and engineering at modern testing facilities, surpasses many an international standard.

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• High quality - reasonable prioces
• Complete assortment
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• Over 20 years of experience
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